Top 10 Fall Things To Do In Michigan

Here is a list of the top ten things to do in Michigan in the Fall.  They are in no particular order, just my thoughts are some fun ideas to enjoy the Fall in Michigan.

1. Visit an Apple Orchard- Michigan has well over 150 apple orchards.  The fresh apple cider and donuts are great, along with the fresh picked Michigan apples, this trip is well worth it.  List of Apple Orchards in Michigan
2. Detroit Zoo- This is a great place to visit any time of the year, but in the fall it is not as hot and crowded as the summer.  They also have a Halloween night for the kids to safely trick-or-treat, and see the animals.
3. College Football Tailgate- A great way to enjoy the comradery of fellow fans of a team.  Outside enjoying the weather and great football.  Michigan has great football teams to follow, 5 division 1 teams, and many other colleges that have great football to watch on a Saturday.
4. Haunted House- If you are one that likes a little scare, Michigan has some great haunted houses and corn mazes to explore your spooky side.  Michigan Haunted Houses
5. Michigan Fall Color Tour- Enjoy the change in colors on one of Michigan’s many color tours.  There is no better place to see the dynamic colors of a trillion trees aflame than along our highways, country roads, and coastlines.  Go to Pure Michigan to find one close to you.
6. Visit a Museum- Not everything has to be outside, some days are inside days.  Michigan has great museums through out the state, that can fill many different curiosities, Art, History, Science.  Michigan Museums
7. Michigan Wine Tour- Many of Michigan’s wineries are harvesting their grapes right now.  Besides great wine this is another great way to some of Michigan’s beauty between the color change, and the scenic views around the vineyards this is a can’t miss.  Michigan Wineries
8. Go To State Park- Take a hike or a walk through a one of Michigan’s state park.  The weather is perfect for a some outdoor activity, see nature get ready for the winter.  Michigan State Parks
9. Play Golf – Michigan has some of the best golf course in the country, not only are the course not as busy in the fall, many also reduce their price for the fall.  This gives the opportunity to play the better courses for less.  I know some golfers who will play until the first snow, so enjoy.
10. Drink Beer- Michigan’s micro brewers have some great fall beers.  I am a big fan of Pumpkin beer this time of year, but the other fall flavors are great also.  CHEERS!!!

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