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michiganpetosky 150x150 Michigan Business Network Radio My journey of trying to tell everyone why Michigan is such a great place to live and work, got a little easier today.  I had the privilege of  being interviewed today (Monday December 5) for the Michigan in Motion radio show on Michigan Business Network Internet Radio.  The host Tiffany Dowling and Taylor Kelsaw, where a blast to talk to, and really shared my passion for Michigan.  The interview can be heard on Monday December 5th, at 9am, 2pm, 7pm, and 12am at http://www.michiganbusinessnetwork.com/radio/.

I was so excited to start to talk about the great state of Michigan, I am sure that I forgot some of what I wanted to say, and also due to the short time period they could have me on for, I thought I would expand on some of my thoughts from the show.

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Michigan Twitter Background Contest

wonder michigan logo v01 1024x248 Michigan Twitter Background ContestWhile exploring twitter recently I came across Twitter profile of Scott Westerman.  Being an avid Spartan fan I instantly fell in love with his Twitter background.  I thought it was one of  the most fun, and entertaining backgrounds that I have seen.  On the urging of Scott, I would like to see how creative Michigan can be.  So I am announcing the first WonderMichigan Twitter Background Contest.

Contest Rules:

  1. Submissions will be taken from November 10 – November 19, 2011
  2. Submissions  can be an existing twitter background or designed just for the contest
  3. Please Submit backgrounds on the Contest Page
  4. A panel will decide top 5 submission for public vote
  5. On November 21 the finalist will be announced and voting will take place for the next 7 days (Nov 28)
  6. There will be 3 methods of voting: (1) Tweet Title and #MIbackground to @WonderMichigan (2) Comment at WonderMichigan Facebook page with title of submission (3) Vote contest page at WonderMichigan.com  You may vote once per day per method
  7. The background chosen will be displayed on WonderMichigan.com and will get a $100 Visa Gift Card.
  8. The theme for the contest is “What makes Michigan Great”
  9.  Background must include elements of Michigan
  10. Please do not use any copyrighted images
  11. Backgrounds must be original
  12. To track nominations please use hashtag #MIbackground


moosejaw MOOSEJAW JOBS AVAILABLEMoosejaw is one of my favorite Michigan retailers.  Not only do they have great products, their staff also really knows what they are talking about.  It is always so much fun to be at the stores.  If you have ever to called their customer service, you are always greeted by a resounding MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSEJAW.  If I was looking for a job with a great company culture, Moosejaw would be first on my list.  Well you are in luck.  They are holding a job fair September 16th, for Holiday positions.   See below for more information.


Mighty Detroit Offers 15% Discount on All Women’s Apparel

mighty Detroit1 300x114 Mighty Detroit Offers 15% Discount on All Womens ApparelMighty Detroit has done it again.  Just like the rest of the country they have got wrapped up in the amazing story that is the US Women’s Soccer Team.  They are offering a 15% discount on all women’s apparel from Today until Sunday July 17th. All you need to do is use Promo Code Women15.  Cheer on the US Women’s Team and help Support Detroit.

A little about Mighty Detroit:

Through our apparel, we hope to capture and present the love Detroiters feel for their City.  We draw from the City’s culture, grit and hard-work ethic.  We are influenced by our sports teams, our innovative automobile industry and the underlying pride that unites us all.  Our apparel is designed to reflect these influences and to show everyone that Detroit is still Mighty.  Most importantly, a portion of the proceeds from each shirt sold are donated to a local charity.

Simply Suzanne’s Looking to Bright 2011

Simply Suzanne 3 150x150 Simply Suzannes Looking to Bright 2011Over the past year, I have really started to enjoy granola and yogurt for breakfast.  In my continued quest to purchase as much local products as possible, I stumbled across Simply Suzanne Granola (formally Randy’s Granola) at my local grocery store.  My favorite flavors are Lotsa Chocolate and So Very Cherry.  Both are the perfect balance of rich flavor and sweetness that is a true breakfast indulgence.  For a true treat, nothing beats mixing the two flavors together.  I am a sucker for chocolate and cherry.  Simply Suzanne also offers an Original Granola and new as of last month, Dark Chocolate and Coffee.

Each bag of Simply Suzanne Granola is all natural and handcrafted in small batches using whole grain rolled oats. Local farmers and suppliers are used as much as possible in the process, too.  All flavors are all natural and made without preservatives, artificial flavors, trans fat, cholesterol and high fructose corn syrup. Each batch is produced in the Detroit area, but there are also production facilities in West Michigan and a warehouse in Detroit’s New Center area.

Since I first found Simply Suzanne I have been following them on twitter at @SuzanneVier.  As a big supporter of anything that is made in Michigan, I have been very happy to see that 2011 has meant 6 months of growth for the company.  Besides adding the Chocolate & Coffee flavor, they have expanded their distribution to selected Whole Foods and Michigan Meijer’s next week (June 18th), along with being sold at various grocers and restaurants in metro Detroit, Chicago, and New York.  To support all this growth, Simply Suzanne is also hiring many potions.  They are currently looking for:

Kitchen Production Manager
Baking Assistants
Farmers Market Managers
Production Intern (non-paid)
In-store Product Marketing Demonstrators

For more information on these positions please Direct Message @SuzanneVier on twitter.


Mr B’s Joy Box Express Spreading Music Across Michigan

joybox 150x150 Mr Bs Joy Box Express Spreading Music Across MichiganIf you see a quartet band riding down the street being pulled by bicycles, you are not hallucinating. You are witnessing Mr B’s Joy Box Express tour across Michigan. Starting in the beginning of July they will be cutting across Michigan, to help raise money for charitable organizations that help introduce and expand children’s involvement in the arts and athletics. If you have never had the privilege of seeing Mr B’s Joy Box Express, I would highly recommend trying to see one of their events, or cheering them on while they pass through your town. The journey starts on July 1st in
Saugatuck and will be finishing in Detroit on July 15th at the Detroit Institute of Art. During the ride through the state they will have many stops. Check out their schedule here. They still have many dates available, so if Joybox Express is coming through your city, and they may be available for a show or fundraiser.  Joybox Express has raised money for many organizations, to see a list of who they have helped.

Time To Act

detroit spirit 150x150 Time To ActAs I sat in the Filmore Theater in October 2010 for the 140 Conference Detroit, I had an awaking of sorts. The realization came during Charlie Wolborg’s (@CharlieCurve) presentation “Combating Apathy in an Unsocial Detroit”. Charlie challenged the group to actually do something to make Detroit a better place. In a room with most of the elite social media characters of the Metro Detroit area, he wanted them to get off their high horse and make a difference. I took this message to heart. WonderMichigan is fast approaching our 2nd Birthday. We are still finding our voice and how we fit into the Detroit landscape. In two years we have made some great connections and I hope that we have made some people change their thoughts on Detroit and Michigan. Personally I still feel like I have not done anything to really make a change. That is until this month.

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What Will Bring People Back to Detroit?

Detroit rencen 150x150 What Will Bring People Back to Detroit?Today on Twitter the Detroit Regional Office of the US Census Bureau ask me what would bring people back to Detroit? We all heard this week that Detroit has dropped to a 100 year low of population living in the city.  Detroit has gone from the 11th largest city in the US, to the 14th.  They are now behind Columbus Ohio.  This is not a new problem for the City of Detroit, they have been losing population for the past 50 years.  Michigan was the only state in the country not to grow in the past 10 years according to the 2010 Census.  There are many reason why this has happened, and we could dwell on the reasons forever, that was not the question.  The question was what is needed to bring people back to Detroit?

The short of my answer is Entrepreneurs, Schools, and Neighborhoods. 

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Mighty Detroit offers its help to Japan

mighty japan design 150x150 Mighty Detroit offers its help to JapanAfter the devastating ating catastrophe that recently occurred in Japan, there has been an unbelievable amount of support and aid offered from groups, individuals and businesses, here in the US and worldwide.  I wanted to call your attention to the efforts of one company in particular, Mighty Detroit.  Mighty Detroit is an apparel company that was started by two young Detroit ex-pats, who hope to capture and present the love Detroiters feel for their City through their unique designs.  A portion of the proceeds from every sale go to a charity committed to rejuvenating and restoring Detroit.  While civic pride and commitment to returning Detroit to its former glory is what drives Mighty Detroit everyday as a company, the compassion and giving nature of the two inspiring entrepreneurs behind the brand, is what really makes it so special.  In an effort to help those in need, Mighty Detroit has created a Mighty Japan tee, of which 100% of the profits benefit the rescue/relief efforts in Japan.  Below is a note from the Mighty Detroit team, as well as a link to where you can purchase the tee’s.

Since 1805 Detroit’s city motto has been “Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus” which translates to “We Hope For Better Things; It Shall Rise From the Ashes.”  With every test and every obstacle, Detroit has bounced back and lifted itself up.  As much as Detroit was, is and will continue to be a “come-back” story, we, here at Mighty Detroit, cannot ignore a Japanese culture and society that has faced immeasurable obstacles and has always made a come-back.  Today, Mighty Detroit offers its help to Japan.  For an unlimited time, Mighty Detroit will donate 100% of the proceeds from every sale of the Mighty Japan t-shirt to rebuilding efforts in Japan.  Be Mighty.

To order a Mighty Japan t-shirt, click here.

Michigan No Fault Insurance Takes Care of Michigan Auto Accident Victims ‘Unconditionally’

We hear a lot about Michigan “No Fault” Insurance, but truthfully I am have never really knew what that meant or why it was an advantage or disadvantage for living in Michigan.  This posting was submitted by Michigan Auto Law to help explain what “No Fault” insurance is and the benefits of it. 

Michigan ‘No Fault’ Pays for Victims’ Medical Bills, Wage Loss, Housework Expenses and Attendant Care Regardless of Who Was ‘At Fault’

Michigan’s No Fault Insurance system is one of the state’s true hidden gems, but one that most Michigan residents know very little about. The insurance laws that protect Michigan drivers are considered the nation’s very best.

Described by the Insurance Institute of Michigan as “the Cadillac” of auto insurance systems, Michigan’s No Fault auto insurance system guarantees that seriously injured Michigan auto accident victims will get the care and treatment they need regardless of who was “at fault.”

In other words, even if a Michigan auto accident victim was “at fault” in causing the accident that resulted in her injuries, she is still entitled to the many generous benefits promised by Michigan’s No Fault insurance law.

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